Garnet was born in Victoria, where he lived for sixteen years with a two-year stint in Ottawa. At 18 he decided it was time to venture out on his own to live the “Alberta Dream” moving to Bonnyville, AB. to work in the oil and gas industry, where he remained for two years before returning to Victoria.

After returning to Victoria, Garnet bought his first home with his brother, where the two resided, and worked in the construction industry. During the recession of 2008 Garnet went back to Alberta and spent the next ten plus years as a Wireline Supervisor, traveling between Northern BC and Southern Manitoba. Garnet bought his second home in Grande Prairie in 2012, and his third with his then fiancée, now wife, Karen in Bonnyville in 2014.

Throughout his time in the oil and gas industry, Garnet developed a love for the real estate industry. After experiencing an injury, Garnet could no longer continue in his current career. This was the catalyst that lead him to make a bold decision and he began studying for his real estate license. Once he achieved his license, he immediately began shadowing the best of Northern Lights Realty.

During this time, Garnet and Karen decided it was time to move closer to family. They chose Kelowna BC where they would be closer to their families in Victoria BC. After a short time, they realized Kelowna just wasn’t a fit for them. They new they wanted somewhere surrounded by nature, that has four seasons where they can enjoy all the different activities each season offers. Somewhere they have a bright future, where they see themselves having a happy and prosperous life. A place their families can come visit them. They chose Prince George, because they believe it offers all that and so much more.

Garnet has learned to love and embrace change; let him put his understanding of big decisions, along with his passion and knowledge of real estate to work for you.

Garnet Weston
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